App Development

We live in the times where there is a mobile app for every reason you know. From shopping to entertainment, online classes to games, mobile apps have conquered every known realm of business. The core functionality of our smartphones depends on mobile apps.

If businesses are all about reciprocation, then mobile apps are the way to execute it. Mobile apps establish a trustworthy connection between businesses and customers. Incorporating features, providing value, and rendering consistent communication with the customers becomes effortless with mobile apps. The power of mobile apps for businesses is boundless. Mobile apps itself becomes your best visible marketing tool advertising and increasing sales for your business. If you're still skeptical thinking whether you need a mobile app for your business, then we say it is ‘high-time.

Running this reign of mobile app development, Surat for over a decade, Key Concepts India, have built top-notch mobile experience for clients dotted across the world. Come join our happy client club for an end-to-end android and iOS apps development, Surat.

Android Application

Android is ruling the mobile world. With over 80% of the android mobile users in the world population, it becomes an explicit statement of why your business needs an android app? Yes, this is one such operating system that is single-handedly conquering the smartphone sector.

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IOS Application

With over 2.2M apps and overall revenue of $25.5B (2019), the App Store is making a thriving proof that iPhone apps are people’s favourite. iOS apps have been maintaining their reputation of being one among the oldest smartphones with seamless performance, ground-breaking ideas and out-of-the-box innovation.

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