Study Abroad CRM

  • Follow up

  • Internal Messaging

  • Status Changes within your team as per your SOP

  • Security

  • Email Automation

  • SMS/Email Integration

  • Leads Management System.

  • Walk-in Management System with verification of visitors

  • Reduced manual work and adopting automation

  • Excellent Follow up system & records of calls and counseling as well.

  • Easy Assessment.

Quality check of application and smooth start up of processing.

  • Internal communication for smooth process and functioning.

  • Visa Process record system

  • Document Management system for Database.

  • Guide feature, through which counselors can download all the required information and materials i.e, admission, visa checklist, etc.

  • Registration Process to maintain standard records systematically.

  • Timesheet feature, which will give you detailed report of your team.

  • Internal Messaging feature

  • Internal Notes feature wherein we can communicate internally throughout the process for individuals.