• Follow up

  • Daily Status of your team

  • Daily sales and marketing report

  • Internal Messaging

  • Status Changes within your team as per your SOP

  • Security

  • Email Automation

  • SMS/Email Integration

  • Contact Management

  • Team Management

  • Lead Management

  • Task and Activity Management

  • Sales and Opportunity Management

  • Sales and Opportunity Management

  • Data/File Storage

  • Import/Export Data

  • Email and SMS Integration

  • Facebook Integration

  • Reporting

Track potential, active, and past client interactions.

  • Assign tasks, notifications, and reminders so you never forget an appointment or request.

  • Teams can easily manage customer and prospect relationships from one place.

  • Easily automate and track sales and marketing activities to help sales focus on their most important goal, selling more.

  • Contact Buyers

  • Record Notes, Set Appointments, Complete Appointments, Send Emails & Texts

  • Set Follow ups, Update Sale Cycles, and customized options for builders and customers.

  • Internal Messaging feature

  • Internal Notes feature wherein we can communicate internally throughout the process for individuals.

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