Do your emails go unnoticed? Have you started to believe that emails are dead? With over 92% of internet users with email ids and over 89% of marketers who considered email marketing to have given them better sales, you may have to question your beliefs. According to a survey result conducted by campaign monitor, email marketing has produced 75% click-through rate, 47% conversions and 35% ROI. It’s clear how wonderful a well-structured email marketing strategy can help you grow exponential.

Did you know what is the first social network of a person? Their email inbox. Reaching the inbox is not an easy feat. Our email marketing services in Surat are driven by innovative and high-performing strategies such as Cost per Leads, Cost per Sales, Cost per Acquisition, Cost per Click and Cost per Open that has successfully given our clients qualified leads for their business. Our marketers create, execute and optimize for measurable ROIs. Mere getting into your customer’s inbox is not sufficient, you need an email marketing strategy that lets them click through your email content. Been handling email marketing campaigns for several years now, Key Concepts Surat has developed a proven and result-guaranteeing strategy that works like magic.