Chrome Extensions

Want to give your traditional Chrome web browser an extra edge without digging deep into native code? Create a Chrome extension and your wish will be granted. Chrome extensions enhance the functionality of your Google Chrome browser. It adds on to the monotonous browsing experience boosting productivity. Some use them to enhance security and privacy as well.

Now, supercharging your browsing experience is easier than ever with our tailor-made user-friendly Chrome extensions. Our Chrome extension development services have let us create some stunning, custom-made and high-quality Chrome browser extensions for our clients and their business needs. Be it social media extensions, eCommerce extensions, content management plugins, app extensions, or custom toolbar extensions, our expert team uses the latest available technology to curate the best-ever product for you.

We aim to make your life and work easier with our expertise. Our work approach is to always give the utmost importance to our clients’ suggestions. We include your priorities and requirements, giving you the exact finished product you wished for.

As per recent reports, Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Our video and animation content creations have not only given brands their visibility but helped them gain better ROIs. According to Tubular Insights, over 64% of consumers purchased after watching branded social videos.

Our team of animators, designers and creators will create a cool and upbeat video content that aligns with your brand value delivering your message out and clear. After a thorough discussion and inputs from your side, we will conceptualize to form an interesting video and animation content.

Key Concepts, Surat has won the hearts of clients across the globe with our video content designs and development. Our efforts have made them gain better viewership, shares, and conversions. We will let you convey your ideas and messages in a simplified and more connected way. Videos make your brand display its authenticity and uniqueness. That is what your consumers need.